Mixing & Mastering

Easily hear the difference a professionally mixed & mastered track can make. With so much music readily available, a professionally mixed & mastered album ensures your music is not lost in the mix.

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Everything starts at the root which is why capturing the raw sound determines the final result. I adhere to the mantra, "The mix is only as good as the recording". From this, your music will be the best it can be. My workflow utilizes old/new techniques and modern/classic equipment. With so many recording methods, let us plan it out together!

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Setting the levels and panning tracks are just the start to mixing. The true art is buried beneath the instruments: hearing what most do not and bringing it to the surface. Your band’s greatest songs and most unforgettable albums come from that unique spark hidden within. As an avid musician and passionate audio engineer, I highlight that special something for the people that matter most: the fans.

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Although I claim mastering is where all the magic happens, there is a science behind it. Your band’s one-of-a-kind sound deserves recognition and a trained mind to find it. My mastering techniques ensure your album meets industry standards for volume whether online or physical release. No one can fully appreciate your album’s depth and complexity until it has gotten a touch of “magic” through mastering.

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Podcast Editing

Successful podcasts rely as much on presentation as content. If it sounds like an amateur garage recording, then it distracts your audience in all the wrong ways. Professional sounding audioscape keeps listeners laughing, crying, and coming back for more! I clean up podcasts so that they sound great, but not sterile. What you made has a message and story behind it, let my attention to detail bring it to life.

Special Offers for Local Lawrence Bands

If you are working on your first album and live in Lawrence, KS then we have special pricing for you! If you are interested please contact us today to find out more information.

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